Australian consumers will be wondering what all the fuss is about when buying hot water cylinders at a NZ price. Our Trans-Tasman neighbours are seen as chief exporters when it comes to dairy, meat and a variety of fruits, but what about the facet of hot water systems?


These are items that are necessary to facilitate hot water for our bathing and cleaning needs, but there is a variety when it comes to providers and outlets for you as the consumer.


By examining the benefits that will arrive by shopping for hot water cylinders at a NZ price, you will open yourself up to a market that has been catering to a country that really knows this product inside and out.

Hotter Market


Taking into account the amount of choice when it comes to hot water cylinders at a NZ price, this is a market that understands what the consumer is after. The outlets that are listed will be comprehensive to ensure that the consumer is educated on the pro’s and con’s of each system. Much of the choice will surround the proximity of a household to a mains supply and the budgetary concerns that will open or close more options. Either way, the market of hot water cylinders at a NZ price is expanding and building on a knowledge base that outweighs what Australian providers can issue.

Wetback Models For Cool Climates


If you happen to be situated in a cooler climate of Australia such as rural Victoria or the ACT where temperatures can significantly drop in the winter, then looking for hot water cylinders at a NZ price could very well make sense. These providers will ensure that their wetback models are on display, systems that are used to replace pellet burners and wood heaters that require almost year-round maintenance and usage.


Given the conditions that are experienced in regions such as Dunedin where the climate can become particularly frosty during the autumn and winter seasons, these self-sufficient systems are beneficial for consumers that need to make use of the surplus energy that circulates around the premises.

Environmental Benefits


The environment is not a major concern for those shoppers who are seeking complete value from their purchase of hot water cylinders at a NZ price. Yet for those that are conscious of the environment will want to lower their carbon footprint and shift away from the cheaper gas systems that are on sale. This is where solar systems and wetback models really do make a difference on a grander scheme, something that has been analysed and outlined by various studies conducted by the New Zealand federal government.

Greater Price From Conversion Rate


The bottom line is that sourcing hot water cylinders at a NZ price will work for the Australian consumer when thinking of the conversion rate. With the Australian dollar fluctuating around the $1.10 mark in 2018 for New Zealand goods, this strength helps with imports from a financial point of view.


Of course the global financial markets will shift up and down, but the dominance of the currency has been a long-standing factor that must be considered when shopping for goods from an overseas market. Importing from Asia, America and particularly Europe will likely see the dominance shift away from the Australian dollar, making the cost and conversion less appealing.



There is no genuine pressure to shop for hot water cylinders at a NZ price, but there are clear benefits that Australian providers simply do not cater for right now. Given their expertise, history and experience manufacturing the top products in this market, it makes sense for consumers to branch out and access the best that the industry has to offer. That is why finding hot water cylinders at a NZ price is so attractive.