Quick Plus Plumbing

We are a full service plumbing company solving every kind of plumbing problem. For our commercial customers, we regularly take care of servicing backflow preventers, water meters or fire hydrants, repairing underground water or sewer leaks repairing commercial sinks or servicing public restrooms For our residential clients, we often take care of unstopping sinks, showers or main house sewer lines, furnishing and installing a new, updated kitchen or bathroom faucets changing out a leaking water heater.

Team of Plumbers


The eagerness of our apprentice and journeymen plumbers combined with the knowledge of our seasoned master plumbers make for a great combination on any job site. Plus, you’ll love the music our guys play while working hard!

Project Managers & Estimator


We get it. You want the leaders of your project to be on top of their game. Our estimators are detail people, providing complete, accurate bids and proposals. Our project managers keep the job running smoothly and on schedule.

Office Staff


You talk, we’ll listen. We’ve heard everything but YOUR story. Plumbing projects, plumbing problems, plumbing anything…we’ve got you covered. Call today to speak with our friendly office staff.

Quick & reliable repair of your plumbing emergency​

Quick & reliable repair of your plumbing emergency